Chatbot – JOEY

“Bring Your Imagination to Reality”

Create experiences that are unique to each client!

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence it seamlessly integrates with Core, Origination and CRM Solution to process the applications, requests & leads and provides an innovative platform to re-imagine the customer experience.

Using our platform we have created a white labelled virtual assistant JOEY providing a unified experience to the customers by seamlessly combining chat, smart workflows, machine learning, natural language processing and automation.

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AI powered Virtual Assistant for the Financial Services Industry

verification and decisioning


Collect data through a simple chat interface and reimagine data collection.
Help customers choose products by having suggestive, informative, conversations.
Provide onsite support at a branch without any involvement of staff.
Maximises the use of multiple products for various touch points.
verification and decisioning


Eliminates the involvement of a representative for most part of the process.
Suggest products after analysing customer needs.
Suggest premium details whilst collecting data.
Could be effectively used as a potent marketing platform for additional products.
verification and decisioning


Help identify and direct customers towards a desired super product.
Suggestive navigation through various options and product offerings.
Make mundane data collection exercises interactive and less time consuming.
Calculate and provide comparisons on ROI, Insurance and competitive advantage to aid decision making.
verification and decisioning


Provide specialised advice based on customer inclinations.
Advice personalised plans for wealth management through suggestive intelligence.
Personalised advice through recognition of past behaviour patterns.
Resolve FAQs and queries through chat.

Personalize your customers journey leveraging artificial intelligence with a human centered experience.

bullet Built to leverage Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
bullet Virtual assistants programmed to ask and answer questions in familiar, conversational language
bullet Two-way interaction that provides an intuitive experience
bullet Enable customers to get quick responses about products and services as easily as messaging a friend