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CRM System

Single View for all Leads encouraging collaboration & efficiencies in Leads management

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Leads Management System Diagram

Customer Relationship Management

Quickly capture, identify and track leads from multiple sources and campaigns. Analyse the client’s interest to convert into a sales opportunity. Evaluation of the effectiveness of past marketing campaigns helps to create customer centric or marketing campaigns for a target group. Straightforward and interactive visual dashboards with built-in analysis are easy to understand and make quick decisions.

verification and decisioning

Leads Management

Seize the leads, filter and prioritize sales opportunities along with processing and tracking and complete marketing analytics at one destination.
verification and decisioning

Marketing Analytics

Using interactive marketing methods like Social Media and EDMs, manage reports and analytics on the go, to build a personal contact with your consumers.

Lead Capture

Integrate and combine all your data sources to identify your ideal customer profile. Upload leads from disparate excel sheets and cut precious time.

Activity Management

Never miss an action or an appointment, even if it’s further in the future. Manage your scheduled activities straight from a Lead’s list view and create a new meeting or add a note.

Sales Intelligence

Give representatives key insights using predictive analytics to efficiently plan their conversations and increase performance.

Customer Journey

Capture and automate customer journeys from onboarding and account planning to the entirety of the customer lifecycle to drive growth, and increase retention.

Marketing Analytics

Measure customer engagement on social media and analyse E-mail campaigns and website traffic to understand customer journeys to design sales strategies.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage insights, optimize workflows, turn data into fact-supported information and make decisions based on your most promising prospects to predict future outcomes.