Digital Disruption – Bringing the whole world in the palm of your hand

On September 30, 2016

Digital Disruption – Bringing the whole world in the palm of your hand

There was a time when we started our day by interacting with a humble piece of technology i.e. the alarm clock and as the day progressed a number of instruments of information interacted with us, for instance- the newspaper, the calendar, the telephone etc.

In a new age, an explosion of digital innovation has transformed our surroundings by means of a select few devices i.e. the smartphone and its peers which have created an outright disillusionment of information technology and brought the whole world into the palm of your hand and in certain cases right in your eye.

As the digital age moves forward, it causes disruption in its wake and there is only one that stands in the eye of the cyclone: The consumer. With so many new companies offering new technologies, it is often difficult to understand how they can help their consumer on a personal level. Digital disruption requires integration and alignment between what a customer wants and what an organisation can provide at a given point in time and create a captivating brand experience at every touch point. Apparently, if one plans well and creates a vision to manage digital disruption, it can be exciting and empowering in the way it can reshape the business.

Digital disruption often creates opportunities for companies to engage in a deeper and more meaningful way with their customers. The growth of multi-channel communication between customers and brands is a great example that shows just how quickly customer expectations changed. Any customer who asks a brand a question using Twitter or Facebook today will feel ignored if they don’t get a prompt answer. We can no longer plan our customer engagement strategy entirely in the boardroom. We just need to be flexible enough to adapt to what our customers want. In order to stay competitive in the market, the organizations need to observe and react to their customer preferences; Plan ahead and consider which parts of the business can be digitally disrupted; consider how people are using digital tools today; never stop exploring the immediate future and learn from the success and mistakes of others.

Digital disruption can be scary, but if you are ready for it, the business opportunities are immense. Digital disruption is taking place; you can’t avoid it. Those who try to keep on delivering what worked last year will soon find they have no customers left. Hence, it is imperative that businesses reach out to their consumers and seek new tools to create a user friendly environment under a disruptive technological paradigm.

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