Digital Disruption – The Market Is Changing, Are You?

On July 29, 2015

Digital Disruption – The Market Is Changing, Are You?

Over the years, thanks to innovations in various digital forums, the proximity between the Banking and Financial service providers and their customers is ever fading. Since the early 2000’s, drastic improvement  in digital innovations have driven leading players in the market to pay more attention to transforming their image digitally, be it through websites, online analytics, mobile applications or social media. This sudden bridge that swallowed the chasm between the bank and its customers was an instant hit that offered an alternate way to do business, a way that was a lot less process focused and a lot more individual focused, where the customer felt they had a personal way to connect to their Bank/Financial institution.

In light of this transitioning paradigm, the industry finds itself in an environment where its digital transformation is not a question of whether one wants to take part in but how long before one if forced to or risk being left behind. We believe in being proactive. This is not a mere attempt to enhance customer image, this is an opportunity to become more efficient, productive and customer centric on the foundation of a digital revolution.

We at Epictenet are committed to help you achieve this transformation and sustain at at its ever increasing standards. Our passion is not to achieve more of the same being practiced in the industry but to understand you, your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and specific customer base to deliver a tailor made solution that is an exact fit for your organisation, one that you are proud of.

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