Intelligent decisions are a Qlik away

On November 17, 2016

Intelligent decisions are a Qlik away

Every business, large or small, feeds on raw, unprocessed data and survives on information. Information on leads, customer analytics reports, customer feedback, revenue reports – it’s all collected and available, ready to help the organization make better decisions. But when it’s stored in ad-hoc spreadsheets, it’s not useful.
A strategic approach is necessary to determine whether a customized solution is required to provide better workflow, specialised capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience. This is where dashboards and reporting tools come in.

These tools must essentially streamline, centralize and visualize data, giving a greater level of insight and business intelligence resembling supercharged versions of Excel. The Business Intelligence tool must be more than just an ad-hoc analysis tool and must integrate produces powerful visualizations, dashboards and charts that expose the data.

According to Gartner reports, “As organizations are accelerating their plans to become more agile and flexible, the need to quickly prepare, explore, and garner operational insights faster has become a key imperative.” Epictenet is proud to partner with Qlik. Qlik has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2016 Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for the sixth consecutive year, based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. During the past several years, the balance of power for business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform buying decisions has gradually shifted from IT to the business as the long-standing BI requirement for centrally provisioned, highly governed and scalable system-of-record reporting has been counterbalanced by the need for analytical agility and business user autonomy.

Qlik has been highly rated for ease of use, complexity of analysis and business. In comparison with its chief competitors, Tableau and Microsoft, Qlik scores significantly higher on complexity of analysis which is attributed to its stronger ability to support multiple data sources, a robust calculation engine and associative filtering and search. It has a rapid implementation approach and an in-memory engine that can handle complex data sources and applications. In this regard, it can be used as an extension to a data warehouse or as a data mart for customers that lack a data warehouse. Qlik’s distinctive architecture is what sets it apart from it’s contemporaries as it’s not just a visual-BI tool, it’s an extensible data-analysis platform and the extensions can be distributed via a marketplace.It allows you to extract, transfer and show data in 8 categories with 50 pre configured reports. The data is authentic and cannot be tampered with.

The key components of Qlik’s overall vision — a marketplace, governed data discovery with users able to readily promote content, and increasingly smart data preparation positions it as one of the most complete solutions. Customers most often choose Qlik for its ease of use, functionality, performance and strong partner network. It is technology that turns your data into a story, a groundbreaking BI innovation. At Epictenet, we understand Qlik’s finest nuances and provide organizations with the jumpstart eliminating complex implementation timelines. We ensure that Qlik is available, efficient and well-utilized. Further, we also monitor connected tools, applications and data sources. In short, intelligent decisions are just a Qlik away.

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