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Business Intranet Solutions


What We Offer?

Admin Login Individual and Admin Login
Document Management Complete Document Management
Corporate Directory Corporate Directory
Social Intranet Solution Real Time Social Intranet
Seamless Adoption Seamless Adoption
Hassle Free Implementation Hassle Free Implementation
User Interface Streamlined User Interface
Scrap Silos Once Scrap Silos Once and for All

Our Intranet Offerings

Your intranet is a point of prime focus to the rest of your organisation. Our fresh approach to UX is a key enabler when we come to deliver the vision for your intranet strategy; the understanding of user needs drives our goals and deliveries.

Make your job easier and your organisation more efficient with Epictenet Intranet Solutions.

Our Intranet Solutions will look at improving organizations’ document management ability and provide a secure channel for corporate internal documentation and knowledge assets.

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Accentuate internal communications with our customized intranet solutions

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