Virtual Data Scientist for the Australian Financial Services Institutions

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Reporting and Customer Analytics for Financial Services Institutions

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Reporting and Customer Analytics – Louie

An out of the box solution for Australian Credit Unions and Banks at an affordable cost with straightforward implementation in a few weeks.
The solution leverages cutting edge BI software Qlik Sense giving you the BI platform used by major banks and institutions in Australia and around the world.

Automated Reconciliation

Built-in Reports and Analytics

Built-in reports and analytics most commonly used by the Australian Mutuals enabling the business use of the solution straightaway after the initial setup and configuration.

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Customer Analytics

A single, accurate view of the customers to acquire and retain, identify high-value customers and proactively interact with them.

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Interactive Visualisation

Beautiful out of the box visualisations instantly respond to interactions and changes in the context.

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Data Integration

Unifies data sources for a complete view of information, without gaps, and makes it easier to discover hidden sights.

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Data Story Telling

Share multiple points of view with the ability to dive back into source analysis at any point.

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Scalable solution compressing data reducing the time to display information.

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Self Service

Drag-and-drop to create your own visualisations without scripting, complex SQL queries, or joins.

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Access and Monitoring

User level access to the data and reports and top level monitoring.

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Automated Reconciliation

Automates the daily reconciliation between the clearing house reports and the transactions in core banking system. Identifies the difference and details of the transactions causing the mismatch.

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What-if Analysis

Visibility to the risk in balance sheets arising from movements in market prices configured with what-if analysis to test customer and product scenarios and assess the impact of the possible outcomes.


Interactive Reports

Interactive reports that are pre configured, enabling users to have a holistic view of the data. Create, fine tune or modify reports for collaborative decision making.


Precocious Visuals

Blend data visualizations seamlessly, giving an integrated look and feel for an intuitive user experience.


Automated Reconciliation

Complete automation of your business’s reconciliation needs and improved control throughout the transaction life-cycle.


Flexible Data Acquisition

Eliminate database complexities for end users with our rich platform that visually processes, blends and transforms data from multiple sources.


Auto Report Scheduler

Define the schedule and format of reports to be sent without manual intervention each time right from executive management to the board.


Enhance Productivity

Leverage streamlined processing to improve the existing business processes, with enhanced transaction visibility and control, saving your business time and money.

Bring process efficiency and take decisions with confidence

Enable self-service culture within the organization and decisions based on the data rather than gut feel giving comfort to the regulators, the auditors and the board!