Why should companies blog?

On September 2, 2016

Why should companies blog?

That tiny little button you see on any company website these days, that’s the company’s blog. Blogging is creating short form content that should be relevant to the business you do. Corporate Blogging is a smart platform for companies to express their insights and create an identity or a brand in the market. As an offset, blogs are a great way to enhance visibility which could pull in visitors to the website, who perhaps could turn into potential clients. It initiates leads to sales conversions that drive more business. To make the company website a marketing asset, the site in itself must be visible. Blogs use tags and keywords that attract people who are looking for these services and products online. They understand that there is a reason the company is talking about it on their blog.

Random, outdated and innumerable pages on the website are a mess nobody has the time or patience for. Corporate blogging is a solution to that conundrum. Every time you post a new blog onto your website, there is a new web page on the website which is all housed under your blog so that the website doesn’t get cluttered with pages here, there, and everywhere. Basically, every time a post is published, it creates one more opportunity for your site to rank in search and appear for the queries people are entering into search engines generating an opportunity for someone to share that post on social media. The more the shares, the higher the visibility. It’s also a cue to Google and other search engines that your website is active, and to visitors that they should be checking in frequently to see what new content has surfaced. This is a low-cost way to create opportunities to get your website found by the people who are important to you, so you can generate new leads and customers.

The best business blogs answer common client questions. If the blog consistently creates content that’s helpful for the target customer, it’ll help establish the company significantly. Imagine the impact on your company, if the blog addresses issues customers face. This is the scalability of corporate blogging. The power of a blog is limitless and is sure to garner leads and make money without additional investment.

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